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Advance Your Skillset

Help Us Guide You Through Entry Level Racing to Advanced

Weekly Events

From 20 mile race to a century ride.

Build Community

Travel to SoCal Races as Part of our Team.

A South County Racing Team

The South County Premier Bicycling Racing Team

Nooks asked me to join PRT in 2018.  I was reluctant to join because I was intimidated…but I joined not knowing how I’d fit into the team.  Everyone was welcoming and offered words of encouragement.  Whenever I had a question, whoever I asked, they always responded with sound advice.  Through months of developing my cycling skill with the help of PRT, I found myself in my first Cat 5 race in January.  I wouldn’t have been able to grasp the idea of crit racing at 45 years old if it wasn’t for the team.  I find myself looking forward to each ride, to give my absolute best effort to represent PRT. 

Perry Francia


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